Children's spirituality is implicity woven into Te Whariki. Yet we know that many Early Years educators feel under-equipped and lacking in confidence when it comes to supporting this aspect of children's development.


Our Growing Gratitude workshops bring clarity to what we mean by the term 'spirituality', and allow you to explore how gratitude is a natural and powerful way to nurture young children's spiritual development.

With both on-site and online workshops available, it's easy to start growing the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to support young children's spirituality, through growing gratitude. 

Online Courses

Registration is now open for this online 4-part course, beginning Tuesday 16th February 2021.  
Discover how gratitude helps children to see, make and celebrate connection:
the heart of all spirituality. 
This series of workshops has been designed for educators who work with children aged 3-5, who want to deepen their understanding of what it means to support children's spirituality in practice.
After establishing a clear working definition of spirituality that will underpin and inform your teaching, you'll explore how gratitude provides a wonderful framework around which to support children's spiritual wellbeing, with lots of practical tools and strategies to bring theory to life. Māori perspectives and values are integral to the course. 
The next series of workshops will run on Tuesdays 16th & 23rd February, and 2nd & 9th March, with a start time of 7.30pm. 
Investment: $125 per person
What will I learn?

Explore the research around spirituality to come away with a clear working definition that will underpin and inform your teaching 


Discover how gratitude provides an ideal framework around which to support children's spirituality

Explore the cognitive, linguistic and emotional foundations of gratitude - and come away with practical strategies to support their development

Discover how gratitude has 3 major components - Find, Bind and Be Kind - and how you can support children's development in each, to support their spiritual wellbeing. 

Find out how "Find, Bind and Be Kind" relate to Māori values including manaakitanga, whanaungatanga, kaitiakitanga and ako​​.

And that's not all!


  • Get familiar with the developmental sequence to gratitude: what to expect at different ages and stages 


  • Discover how gratitude deepens children's connection with nature

  • Explore the connections between gratitude and kindness

  • Learn how you can help children develop their emotion knowledge - a key precursor to gratitude

  • Learn how your words of thanks have the power to build strong relationships - and come away with strategies you can implement with tamariki and your team

  • Learn how to embed gratitude in your setting, using structured and unstructured approaches 

  • Strengthen the role of gratitude in your own life and teaching practice

Find out what teachers are saying...

My own well-being and mental health has thoroughly improved. I used to have regular 'teacher meltdowns', but since beginning this program I have realised I am much more grateful for the children, educators and families.

Mark Walker

Kim, Otorohanga

The course changed my entire outlook on spirituality for children. Each week this large concept was broken down into an easy to comprehend (and implement) idea. I find that I am able to assist children's learning more with the helpful strategies.

Sophie Russell

Sophie Russell

While there is plenty of new knowledge and ways of thinking to guide kaiako learning, it is taught in an easy, relaxed manner. The content and Sarah's passion will make you realize what spirituality really is, how gratitude relates to it, and so many new ways to respond to children to encourage their abilities.

Samantha, Tauranga

The course helped me to recognise the power of gratitude and how it can impact spirituality positively. It has deepened my knowledge and impacted both my teaching and my personal life.

Anon, Auckland

The practical examples and strategies can be easily used with children and also apply to my personal life too.

If you want to enhance your knowledge of spirituality, and support tamariki in their spiritual development, this is the course for you.


Want an on-site workshop or online training specifically for your staff team? Contact us to make an enquiry. 

We offer half-day on-site workshops for settings in the Waikato area. Please let us know your requirements using the contact form. 


Online workshops covering the full content of the course are available for your whole staff team, at a cost of $500, with a maximum of 10 participants. 

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