Spirituality is an essential aspect of children's holistic development, and is acknowledged to be so in Te Whariki. Yet we know that many Early Years educators feel under-equipped and lacking in confidence when it comes to supporting this vital aspect of children's development.


Our Growing Gratitude workshops bring clarity to what we mean by the term 'spirituality', and allow you to explore how gratitude is a natural and powerful way to nurture young children's spiritual development.

With both on-site and online workshops available, it's easy to start growing the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to support young children's spirituality, through growing gratitude. 

Online Courses

Book now for 2021! 

Next date: Tuesday March 16th, 2021 

Explore the '3 C's' of spirituality - Connection, Consciousness and Consecration - as they relate to young children's spirituality, in this introductory webinar. 

This webinar is aimed at educators who want to explore what spirituality means in the context of Early Years education, and how this vital aspect of children's wellbeing can be supported in the everyday happenings of an early years setting. 

When: Thursday 3rd December, 7.30pm

Where: Online Webinar

Fee: $25 per person (please enquire for group discounts). 

New for 2021!

Children's spirituality is what helps them find answers to life's Big 3 Questions: Who am I? Where do I belong? What am I here for? In this series of webinars, you'll discover how gratitude guides children toward the answers to these questions, laying strong foundations for their spiritual wellbeing. Sign up for one or sign up for them all! 

What you'll learn:​

  • How to help children explore a range of positive emotions, and how to introduce new emotion vocabulary - PDF resources included!

  • How to use children's emotion knowledge to guide them toward gratitude

  • How to establish a gratitude ritual in your mat times, based on children's experiences of emotions. 

Benefits to children:

  • Grow emotion knowledge and vocabulary

  • Make meaning from positive emotions and experiences 

  • Grow self-awareness of preferences and strengths

  • Develop confidence and self-esteem

  • Lay great foundations for spiritual wellbeing, by nurturing a strong sense of connection to self

Cost: $25 pp. Enquire for group discounts

What you'll learn:​

  • Why the Early Years are essential to building a positive body image

  • How to use gratitude to help children develop a positive body image

  • How to introduce simple but powerful practices to support a positive body image, including meditation, visualisation and self-massage.  

  • PDF resources included - with parent handouts! 

Benefits to children:

  • Lay the foundations for a healthy relationship to their bodies

  • Build a relationship to their bodies based on curiosity, gratitude and affection

  • Enjoy what their bodies can do for themselves and others

  • Explore simple practices that can be shared with parents at home

Cost: $25 pp. Enquire for group discounts

What you'll learn:​

  • How gratitude helps children see the connections that link them to others and Earth

  • Why awareness of connection lies at the heart of spiritual wellbeing - for all children

  • How to create a culture of gratitude

  • How to establish a gratitude ritual for mat times, based on connections to others / Earth

Benefits to children:

  • Develop a healthy spirituality based on 'consciousness' and 'connection'

  • Grow confidence

  • Cultivate values of whanaungatanga, manaakitanga and kaitiakitanga

Cost: $25 pp. Enquire for group discounts

What you'll learn:​

  • How to recognise 15 innate character strengths in children

  • How to grow children's awareness of their own strengths - using your words of thanks 

  • How to maximise the effectiveness of your words of thanks, by using the 'AAA' technique to build children's confidence

  • PDF resources included!

Benefits to children:

  • Each child is valued and appreciated for their unique combination of strengths

  • Develop awareness of the important ways they contribute to community life

  • Grow in confidence, courage and contentment

Cost: $25 pp. Enquire for group discounts

Find out what teachers are saying about our courses...

My own well-being and mental health has thoroughly improved. I used to have regular 'teacher meltdowns', but since beginning this program I have realised I am much more grateful for the children, educators and families.

Mark Walker

Kim, Otorohanga

The course changed my entire outlook on spirituality for children. Each week this large concept was broken down into an easy to comprehend (and implement) idea. I find that I am able to assist children's learning more with the helpful strategies.

Sophie Russell

Sophie Russell

While there is plenty of new knowledge and ways of thinking to guide kaiako learning, it is taught in an easy, relaxed manner. The content and Sarah's passion will make you realize what spirituality really is, how gratitude relates to it, and so many new ways to respond to children to encourage their abilities.

Samantha, Tauranga

The course helped me to recognise the power of gratitude and how it can impact spirituality positively. It has deepened my knowledge and impacted both my teaching and my personal life.

Anon, Auckland

The practical examples and strategies can be easily used with children and also apply to my personal life too.

If you want to enhance your knowledge of spirituality, and support tamariki in their spiritual development, this is the course for you.


Want an on-site workshop or online training specifically for your staff team? Contact us to make an enquiry. 

We offer bespoke staff training sessions to fit your needs. Would you like to learn how you can create a culture of gratitude? Would you like to clarify your team's thinking around spirituality and how you can support it? Get in touch to let us know your needs, and we'll put together the right training package for you. 

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