The Growing Gratitude Starter Kits contains everything you need to start nurturing every child's spiritual wellbeing.


With one set of Emotion Stones and one HeartFelt Thanks set, you'll be able to introduce a daily or weekly gratitude ritual to your children. 

Our emotion stones contain clear depictions of 10 different emotions for little ones to explore. Full instructions guide you through the process of introducing new vocabulary, and helping children to explore the look, feel and sounds of each emotion. You'll then guide children to make the connection between positive emotions and their associated events, showing children how we can follow our feelings to find the good things in our lives. When you've found the good, it's time for gratitude! 

The soft and tactile hand-felted woollen hearts create a calming focus for your time of gratitude together. Little hands will love their look and feel! Let each child hold a heart as they reflect on the good things they've experienced, before sharing something that they're grateful for. The heart can then be dropped into a special basket or jar, as you gather up each child's expression of gratitude. It's a sacred time. 

Growing Gratitude Starter Kit: $70 plus postage

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To find out more about the connection between gratitude and spirituality, book a PD session for your team, or look out for the next Spirituality in the Early Years webinar, where you'll explore the 3 C's of spirituality - Connection, Consciousness and Consecration - and why gratitude is the perfect way to begin nurturing every child's developing spirituality.