Finding Your Values

Finding Your Values


Discover the values that inspire your family to be its best!


This comprehensive workbook walks your family through a 7-step process to uncover the values that matter most to you, and guides you toward writing your very own family manifesto, that you can return to time and again to get inspired and live more joyfully. 


It's easy for our values to remain unconscious to us, or hidden from view under the clutter of daily life. When we lose sight of our values, we can find that our comfort zones end up out of alignment with what really matters most to us - leaving us feeling restless, frustrated, confused or bored. 


But when you know what your values are - and keep them in your conscious awareness - they have the power to guide your decision making, sustain you through adversity, and help you to live in ways that bring life meaning, purpose and joy! 


Give your children the gift of knowing what really matters the most, with this fantastic resource.  


Children aged 5-7 will be able to join in with Steps 1-2, whilst children aged 8+ will be able to participate in Steps 1- 5. Children aged 11+ will be able to join in with all 7 steps. The pack also contains a colouring sheet for pre-schoolers. 


PLUS: When you've identified the core values that most inspire and guide your family, download the follow-up activity pack 'Live your Values, Love your Life' for FREE, with the checkout code contained in the resource pack.