Family Manifesto Toolkit

Family Manifesto Toolkit


Write a family manifesto with the values that inspire your family to be its best, and see it turned into a beautiful A3 poster, designed by NZ illustrator Fleur Rubingh. 

Without clarity on your core values, it's easy for your comfort zone and daily routines to drift out of alignment with what makes life most meaningful, leading to long-term feelings of frustration, sadness, confusion and restlessness.

When you know what your most deeply held values are, those values can carry you through difficulty, guide you through decision-making, and align your family's actions with the things that bring you all purpose, fulfilment and joy. 

The key lies firstly in uncovering your deepest values,
and then in keeping them in your awareness day by day. 

With the Family Manifesto Toolkit, you'll be guided through the process of identifying the values that help YOUR family to thrive, and turning these into your very own family manifesto poster - so you can be inspired by what matters most to you, day by day.

Using a comprehensive workbook, you'll be taken through 7 engaging steps to writing your manifesto, that have been specially designed for children to join in with:

Children aged 5-7: Join in with steps 1 and 2 
Children aged 8+: Join in with steps 1 to 5
Parents complete all steps (1-7) 
PLUS: Special colouring sheet for pre-schoolers! 

Parents of very young children have the option to use a parents-only workbook. 

When you've completed each of the 7 steps, simply send in your manifesto, and we'll turn it into a beautifully illustrated A3 poster printed onto heavy watercolour paper - complete with a wooden poster hanger.

We'll post it to you for free (where ever you are in the world), so all you need to do is hang it up, be inspired, and live more joyfully. 

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