Be Kind- by drawing on Character Strengths

Be Kind- by drawing on Character Strengths


These beautiful cards, wallchart and worksheet will help you and your children to uncover and enjoy their unique combination of Character Strengths. The strengths are grouped into 5 categories for easy reference: Courage, Openness, Perception, Community and Friendship. 


Once we know our children's unique blend of natural Character Strengths, we can guide kids to enjoy using their strengths in acts of kindness for others - a key aspect of gratitude, as we learn to pay forward the kindness we ourselves receive.


The pack includes ideas and instructions for use with younger children (through offering specific praise) and with older children (aged 7+), who can use the cards and worksheet for themselves, to explore how they can take their strengths and use them to help others. Includes instructions for making a Paperchain of Kindness! 


Each Character Strengths Card has a short description of attributes associated with that particular strength, to help adults and children know how it may be recognised. 


Ideal for parents and educators of children aged 3 - 11. 

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