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The Mission...

...is to nurture children’s spirituality by harnessing the super power of gratitude to help kids see, make and celebrate connection, and so raise a generation who know how to live wisely and well, with self, others and Earth. 

In a world driven by fast-paced change and uncertainty, it's our kids' spirituality that will keep them grounded. It's through their spirituality that they will know their connection to people and places, to the present and the past, to their power and their purpose. It's this deep sense of connection that also guides our kids to contentment, compassion and courage. 


And that is what our children, and our planet, need now more than ever before.


Growing Gratitude workshops and resource packs show you how to nurture children's spirituality by starting with gratitude. Because gratitude is the way we learn to see, make and celebrate connection - the foundation for all spirituality

We know that many Early Years educators feel ill-equipped and under-resourced when it comes to nurturing young children's spirituality. Spirituality is woven through the early years curriculum, but many educators report that they have received little training in how to support children's spiritual development, or even what they should be aiming for.






In a Growing Gratitude workshop, you'll learn how connection lies at the very heart of our children's spirituality, and how it is that gratitude helps kids see, make and celebrate connection.

"I feel spirituality is something really important for our children, but I don't know where to start."

Growing Gratitude workshops take away the confusion and uncertainty by giving you a clear working definition of spirituality, that will underpin and inspire your teaching.

Feel confident and equipped to nurture spirituality in simple, joyful and inclusive ways


Growing Gratitude takes a holistic approach, weaving together children's social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development, and is based on current research in the fields of psychology, education and spirituality.

What exactly is gratitude?

What skills do children need to have acquired before they can grow gratitude?

What can I expect from children at different ages and stages? 


"The Growing Gratitude course was inspirational! It gave me a deeper understanding of how I can support children's spirituality, help them to understand their emotions and develop a positive and grateful mindset."

Kim, Otorohanga


You know the importance of supporting children's spiritual development. You dream of seeing kids thriving, drawing on a deep sense of connection and contentment: you'd love to see gratitude at the heart of your home or classroom.


Now you can get started, with our fantastic resources specifically designed for families with young children, and Early Years teachers:

HeartFelt Thanks 

The easiest way to get started! Introduce a simple, joy-filled daily gratitude ritual with these woollen hearts. Little hands will love to hold the hand-felted wool, while little hearts discover the joy of celebrating connection. 

Printables for parents and teachers

Printable resource packs ideal for parents, home educators and classroom teachers

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Growing Gratitude Group Sessions

Books, activities, materials and session plans to run 6 Growing Gratitude group sessions. 

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