Growing Gratitude Group Sessions 

Introduce children to experiences, ideas and vocabulary connected to each of the 3 major components of gratitude:

Find, Bind and Be Kind.

This is where children really begin to Grow Gratitude! 

The six Growing Gratitude group sessions have been especially designed for you to use with small groups of your 3-5 year olds. Each session lasts around 15 minutes, and is based on a story with follow up games and activities. 


The sessions provide rich and enjoyable learning experiences, with opportunity for children to:

  • Encounter and use new vocabulary

  • Explore the verbal and non-verbal language of emotion

  • Build empathy

  • Develop cognitive skills by building 'theory of mind'

  • Explore the connections that link them to each other, people who help them, and Earth 

  • Practice saying 'Thank you' 

  • Use their strengths to practice kindness

  • Engage in simple and enjoyable rituals that celebrate connection and joy

Available to centres that have completed a Growing Gratitude workshop 

Cost: $350 + postage


Or purchase at the time of your workshop for only $295

Just a few of the many resources included in the pack! ​

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