Growing Gratitude is founded on a holistic approach that grounds children's spiritual development within their cognitive, social, emotional and linguistic development, and within their cultural and physical environment. There is no religious affiliation. 

Growing Gratitude was founded in 2019 by Sarah Cooper, a former Paediatric Speech & Language Therapist and mother of four, with a life-long interest in spirituality. Her interest is underpinned by her deeply-held belief that only in the context of a healthy spirituality can we enjoy healthy relationships with ourselves, with each other, and with Earth. Sarah draws on wisdom traditions from around the globe to inspire, inform and challenge. 

In Growing Gratitude, 'spirituality' is taken to refer to that sense of connection to ourselves, others and Earth, that gives life beauty, meaning and purpose. 


In Growing Gratitude, Sarah brings together her expertise in early childhood development, her experience in delivering training and resources for parents and educators, and her passion for healthy spirituality in children and adults. Growing Gratitude training courses and resources are based on current research and literature in the fields of psychology, education and spirituality. 

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