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Nurturing Every Child's Spiritual Wellbeing




Everything you need in one simple kit, to get started with nurturing children's spiritual wellbeing

Spirituality - our sense of connection to who we are, where we belong, and what we're here for - is an essential aspect of each and every child's development. Spirituality matters for our children's sakes, and it also matters for our planet, as the next generation learn how to relate to themselves, others and their environment in ways that are healthy and wise.


Yet we know that many educators and parents feel under-equipped for the task

of tending to this vital area of children's wellbeing. 

Growing Gratitude was founded to provide the information, inspiration, training and resources that parents and educators need, to feel confident in nurturing each child's spirituality - and we believe that the very best place to start is with gratitude. That's because gratitude helps our children make the connections that underpin a healthy spirituality: connections to their own sense of self and to what matters to them, to the people who help and care for them, and to the places that sustain them.  

Are you ready? Let's dive in... 

Find out about our online community for parents and educators: The Wisdom Kids Project! 

Look into team training for your Early Years team. From online PD sessions to whole-day workshops, we can meet your training needs. 


Browse our webinars and find the training you need to nurture children's spiritual development with confidence. 

Shop for resources for use at home, school or kindergarten.

Find out about our 2021 Retreat Day, and take time to invest in your own spiritual growth and development. 


The Growing Gratitude course was inspirational! It gave me a deeper understanding of how I can support children's spirituality, help them to understand their emotions and develop a positive and grateful mindset.

Kim, Otorohanga


Growing Gratitude has no religious affiliation. Click here to find out more about our approach.